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Language learning
The ability to understand and communicate in other languages is increasingly important in our society and the global economy. Because we believe in providing an opportunity for early language development in order to harness children's learning potential we learn Spanish from Reception through to Year 6.  In Reception and Key Stage 1 we provide plenty of opportunities for the children to listen, speak and interact orally, listening to the teacher, to songs and rhymes, to each other, to native speakers, to recorded and on-line speech and songs and to recognise familiar and unfamiliar sounds. In Key Stage 2, oracy skills are extended to include reading and writing, and in developing conversational skills to obtain and provide information and exchange opinions. Through games, songs, drama and activities, it is a love of language learning we are looking to develop as we recognise that no matter what language your child goes on to study at high school, the skills acquired at this young age are powerful determiners in their future success as language learners.

International Cookridge
We have long been committed to our status as part of an International Community, have formed many successful partnerships over the years and acquired both a reputation for our work in this field and many awards, most recently the International School Award (2012-15). Our International work is motivated by a simple desire to “bring the world into Cookridge Primary School and Cookridge Primary School out into the world”. In addition, we aim to:


  • develop awareness as citizens of the world and increase understanding of global issues
  • explore our own and each other’s’ cultural experiences and deepen knowledge and understanding;
  • develop empathy for others in a celebration of cultural variety and richness
  • avoid and challenge misleading and negative stereotyping.


There are frequent opportunities to celebrate our similarities and differences here at Cookridge as we encourage all our children to develop an understanding of their own and others’ cultures, beliefs, language and experiences. We are very fortunate to have pupils from many different cultures in school and we look to them to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the school and beyond.



Our partnership working with other schools (locally and internationally) helps us to gain a sense of ourselves and others’, increases our awareness of global issues and fosters a genuine connection with children across the globe. Through our international work, our children learn to be creative, confident and ask questions. They recognise their rights and responsibilities and are aware of their own identity. Working together with other children in different places gives learning a real purpose.

International and Funded Projects

  • 2013 Partnership Project with Hillsmeade Primary School, Melbourne Australia
  • 2011 - 2013 European Comenius multilateral project with schools in Birmingham, Slovakia, Finland and Ireland
  • 2012 Global Schools  Project with Colegio Esperanza, Tlaxcala, Mexico
  • 2011 Comenius Regio authority link Malaga
  • 2011 Connecting Classrooms ‘Ubunye’ partnership Nigeria/South Africa/Leeds



During recent years, we have hosted visitors from around the world, from Australian, Indian and Norwegian teachers to children from Paraguay! Our International highlights have included:


  • 2013 saw our first International residential when pupils visited our partner school in Ireland, traveling by aeroplane and renting an Irish cottage.
  • 2011 saw us host the ‘Our World’ conference. A conference ‘for children, by children’ saw schools coming together to learn, share and enjoy diversity. Pupils from all over the city, country and world united to join in with this very special event, hosted entirely by the children.
  • Partnership work with Ireland Wood, Iveson Primary and schools in Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa.
  • African and Mexican colleagues worked in school and we have had a month long visit by two Spanish student teachers.
  • Two of our own teachers have taught in our Mexican link school and have visited our partner school in Capetown, South Africa.
  • Children have become penpals, fundraising events have been organised and four of our teachers have been lucky enough to visit our partnership school in South Africa.


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